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Exfoliate + Clarify

Exfoliate + Clarify


Purifying blemish-prone treatment complex that contains Retinol+Salicylic acid. Skin smoothing and anti-acne.


USE: Nightly

Apply once a week. Gradually increase frequency of use as tolerated.

    • Purchases may be returned within 2 weeks from delivery date.
    • Products for return must be:
      • Unopened and/or faulty
      • Slightly used and caused skin irritation
    • Purchases made greater than 2 weeks from delivery date may receive a credit or exchange if the product is unopened or faulty.
    • We will not cover return shipping.
  • Free shipping locally and nationally.


    Once an order is approved we will communicate within 24 hours confirming the order and providing shipping details. You can cancel up to 5:00 pm the day before the intended shipping date.

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