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"I love Dr. Nasreen for her very professional honest opinion every visit. I just had filler treatment for my dented forehead which caused  from childhood car accident . This morning .. it looks so smooth and improved a lot. Beside this treatment I go for skin care, Botox and etc. Dr. Nasreen is true doctor, her passion is to make a patients improvements, so she never encouraged me unnecessary treatments.  I can trust her very much" 10/2017

"Do not hesitate to see Dr. Sheikh. I had great results with IPL but am hooked on the combo treatment - it is the best facial treatment I have ever had. I am 41 & have both hyperpigmentation & acne scars. My skin is bright & glowing & I feel beautiful !!" 6/2017


"Very effective treatments. The RevLite is the only thing I've tried that has diminished my hyperpigmentation." 4/2017


"Dr. Sheik is very thorough and will answer all your questions.  Most importantly, you achieve positive results. She very knowledgeable about all skin types and her treatments are fairly priced. DR. Sheik and her staff are extremely friendly and very welcoming. I would recommend to anyone seeking a professional skin care provider." 3/2017


"She is my godsend! Tried Ultherapy to lift one brow that had always been a bit lower, it always made my face seem lopsided, the Ultherapy lifted my brow and now everything seems even! Yay!!!" 6/2016


"I'd thought about Ultherapy for a couple of months and was quite nervous about it.  She examined my skin and then patiently explained what I would experience and the results I could expect. Because Dr. Sheikh explained everything and put me at ease, I trusted her and had her do the procedure just 10 days before my wedding.  During the procedure, she explained each step of the process and took special care to ensure that the results were as good as possible.  I had no bruising and there was no post-procedure down-time. Since then, I've gone back to her for Ultherapy on my neck, as well as botox and laser treatment of brown spots, all with excellent results.   I'm in my 60's and my skin now looks amazing! 

Dr. Sheikh is very knowledgeable about how to treat various skin problems or just to enhance the skin, and she is exceptionally skilled at the procedures she offers.  I will continue to see Dr. Sheikh for my skincare needs, and I recommend Nova Skincare without hesitation.  Because Dr. Sheikh is so popular, she stays booked--but she definitely is worth the wait!"  6/2015


"I won't go anywhere else!!!! Dr Sheikh is so kind and always provides great advice and treatments. My skin looks amazing after two IPLs and RevLite.  One major plus about this clinic is they don't try to push treatments or products on the customer.  The staff are a joy to talk to and try their best to get you in Dr Sheikh's busy busy schedule." 5/2015


"I bought a groupon for 2 IPL facials. Dr. Sheikh examined me and recommended the RevLite for both sun damage and hormonal Melasma since it was more effective than IPL (plus I am Asian and RevLite is known to be better for Asian skin) but she didn't charge me more since the price was more. I then asked her opinion about my previous botox by another doctor and she made a few VERY reasonable recommendations and did the work. She was frank on what I needed and did not push on things that I didn't need. I am very very very happy with what was done.I loved her honesty and I love the admin manager who was amazing. Will definitely return." 10/2014


"As an Asian woman, I suffered from typical hyper pigmentation, predominantly on my left cheek, and a few chickenpox scares. I just came from my third IPL/RevLight treatment and have been loving the progress so far. My favorite part is that I can get a treatment and be perfectly fine to go to work the next day, with an added glow to my complexion.  I'm looking forward to continuing my treatments with Dr. Sheikh. Added bonus, Dr. Sheikh and Leslie are super sweet!"  6/2017

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