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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Brown spots, broken capillaries, spider veins, acne rosacea, fine lines and large pores are all improved following IPL treatments. A cooling gel is applied and repeated bursts of a very bright light follow. Minimal redness may follow lasting only a few minutes. Most conditions are improved after 3 or 4 treatments; more severe conditions may require more visits.

Photofacial Treatments Greatly Improve Your Appearance


A photofacial is a safe and effective way to eradicate red facial veins, red facial flushing, improve acne rosacea, treat irregular pigmentation, and fine facial lines. Wrinkles are caused by a host of factors including loss of collagen and elastin, sun damage, smoking, alcohol use and hormonal changes. In addition, as the body matures fine facial blood vessels and irregular areas of hyperpigmentation often appear on facial and non-facial skin exposed to sun.

The photofacial is designed to combat the effects of sun and aging in a softer and gentler way. Light energy is delivered through the skin removing facial redness, erasing pigmented spots, reducing pore size and improving fine lines. A series of five or six photo facial treatments are given at 3-4 week intervals. This procedure is associated with only mild discomfort and post-treatment patients develop facial pinkness, which may be covered with makeup. Patients can return to work or resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. In addition, this Intense Pulsed Light system can be used to safely treat aging and photo damaged skin on the neck, chest and hands.

After one or two treatments, your skin will have more even tone and a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will start to fade and pores can become less apparent. Fine lines and wrinkles may soften over time. These improvements continue with each treatment. Patient with acne rosacea will see a reduction in facial redness as a result of each treatment.

The best candidates for this procedure are patients with rosacea, red flushed faces secondary to acne rosacea, facial blood vessels and capillaries, sun damaged skin, pigmented facial spots and enlarged pores.

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